Labor of Love Designs is a labor of love for me, Joanne Davenport.  I live in British Columbia, Canada’s beautiful Fraser Valley, on the north banks of the mighty Fraser River.  I share my home with husband, Peter, and our two cats, Charlie and Turbo.

I have been an avid cross stitcher since teaching myself at the age of 14.  One of my first projects was a Garfield chart that said "This kitchen has earned the Garfield stamp of approval".  I presented it to my Grandma and it still hangs in her kitchen, over 30 years later!  I'm sure if I took a good look at it now, I would see all the things I did wrong as a novice.  But any mistakes didn't matter because I was instantly hooked.  My knitting needles got laid down in favor of my stitching needle.

Being of Norwegian ancestry, I was also drawn to the art of hardanger (of course, it also meant I had to endure traditional Lutefisk at Christmas time, but that's a whole other story!).  My Grandma came from a large family - 16 children - so there was almost no limit to the number of great aunts to ask for some one-on-one hardanger instruction.  However, unbelievable as it seemed to me, not one of them had ever learned so, as with cross stitch, I taught myself and now enjoy doing the delicate work.  I have also recently taught myself the art of needle tatting, so expect to see some needle tatting showing up as an optional embellishment to some upcoming cross stitch charts.

Peter and I are self employed and run home-based Sunset Studios.  This has kept us very busy since 2002, and has kept me happy, seeing as how I've wanted to "play with mud" from the time that I was 12.  I have been designing cross stitch charts from scratch for myself and friends since 1994, not to mention "tweaking" nearly every purchased chart I have ever stitched.  It has always been a glimmer in the back of my mind that I would one day turn my love of cross stitch into a business, so I finally decided to jump in with both feet!  Sometimes it is hard to find the time, while still working full time on a busy home-based business, but I'm very lucky that both of my passions - pottery and cross stitch - have become my work.  So, if I'm not working with clay, designing new jewelry images or designing cross stitch charts, I'm usually plunked down in my La-Z-Boy (who came to me with the name of "Harvey", but I affectionately refer to as "Enrique") stitching on yet another cross stitch project.....Charlie and Turbo, of course, play a very active role in my cross stitch obsession and take their jobs of "Natural Fiber Embellishment Officers" very seriously....well, as seriously as any cat can take any job....

ahhhhhhhhhh.......Life Is Good!!!!!!!